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Welcome to the MAA information website. We will use this as a community through communication virtual space. Please add information, comments, and links. If you have items to be loaded on the FrontPage please contact the Webmaster. The SideBar is excellent for quick comments and small bits of information. Files and folders will help to keep items organized. Enjoy!










AUG 26, 2014


MAA Coffee Pause: Wednesday Sept. 3, STARBUCKS IN GREEN LIBRARY - 10:00AM (before Research Methods)




AUG 26, 2014




ARC 6947 Research Methods - Syllabus


Instructor:         Assoc. Prof. Gray Read (readg@fiu.edu ); Assoc. Prof. Winifred E. Newman (wenewman@fiu.edu)

Office Hours:    Please see individual instructors for times, office location and phone contact.


Turnitin Course Number 8443528, password: research.


SEMINAR: Wed 11:00-1:15 PM, PCA 171, switched to PCA 240

Fall 2014


Florida International University

Pedagogy Seminar 2014 - Syllabus

ARC 5943

 Mondays, 11:00- 1:30,  PCA 341 

Professor Gray Read, PCA376A    Website:  http://www.fiu.edu/~readg

Email:   readg@fiu.edu   (Office Hours: Monday thru Thursday10:00-11:00, or after class) 



FEB 22, 2014

It is that time! The MAA Student Exhibit 2014 is going to take place at MBUS during the ACSA Miami Conference! Please go to the MAA Exhibit WIKI to find the template and instructions. 




AUG 28, 2013

Welcome back returning students, welcome new students! The first week of classes is well underway. Please be sure to complete your registration form with your advisor. The last day to submit add/drop forms without penalty is next Tuesday Sept. 3. Please be sure to complete your paperwork by that date. 


If you are graduating at the end of the Fall semester, please submit your signed Proposal Form no later than Friday Aug. 30. You may submit a hard copy to Maria in the Chair's office, or an email PDF to Dr. Newman. 


MAR 15, 2013


April 15-30 MAA Spring Exhibit at MBUS

NOTE: All materials for display are due on Apr. 10 - UPLOAD TO THE WIKI


April 19, 2013 Proposals for Final Projects DUE. If you are completing your degree in the Summer semester, please submit a project proposal by this date.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are completing your degree in the Fall semester, you will submit a Project Proposal in Summer A - May 24, 2013. All proposals should be submitted to the Registrar's Office in the School of Architecture (PCA 274). Proposal format guidelines are available HERE. Form available HERE.  


May 2  Spring Semester Grades Posted

May 1  Spring 2013 Commencement, 10:00am



MAR 13, 2013

Please submit a head shot and description of your project for program website!

You may upload to the WIKI or you may email directly to: wenewman@fiu.edu








Comments (4)

wenewman@fiu.edu said

at 3:55 pm on Jan 29, 2013

See the SideBar for information about travel funds from the UGS.

Kristen Argalas said

at 11:06 am on Feb 26, 2013

Is there any way that we can put up a calendar for the events this semester. I know we have the exhibition but it would be helpful to see the other scheduled events so we can put it on our agenda. Thanks, Kristen

wenewman@fiu.edu said

at 11:33 am on Mar 5, 2013

ok--i will do this over the break - better late than never - ha.

wenewman@fiu.edu said

at 11:33 am on Mar 5, 2013

Please submit a head shot and description of your project for program website!
You may upload to the WIKI or you may email directly to: wenewman@fiu.edu

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